Outlaw Bike Carnival

Join us for a fun evening with old and new friends. Eat delicious food, hang out, ride bikes, win prizes all to support our amazing athletes and their BIG goals!


We develop higher level humans by building character and leadership in our youth through mountain sports and education.

Sundance Mountain Sports Education Foundation (SMSEF) is a non-profit focused on building character and leadership in student athletes through mountain sports. Utilizing an education-first approach, SMSEF uses athletic endeavors to inspire confidence, build character, and teach lessons that are carried into adulthood.  SMSEF is one of the largest youth organizations in the Utah Valley, serving more than 250 student athletes, ages 8-18. The SMSEF family serves as a support system for our student athletes as they navigate the ever evolving landscape of adolescence. Sports are our method; higher level humans are the goal.

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Abigail Aldred - SMSEF 2018 Video Contest Scholarship Winner.

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Sundance Ski Team