SMSEF x Sundance Ski Team - January 2018 Update

The past year has brought a lot of major changes to the Sundance Ski Team and SMSEF. Here’s a quick recap of 2017:

·      210 Athletes on the Team, increased from 145.

·      45 Coaches

·      Creation of the Maverick’s – Our ‘Learn-to-Race’ program for 6-11 year olds.

·      The Gala on the Mountain raised over $38,000 to help fund our athletes’ careers and coach education.

·      Talbott Palmer qualified for U16 Regionals

·      Dillon Flinders qualified for Western Region Junior Championships

·      Jesse Hoopes qualified for U14 Regionals

·      Karl Verhaaren placed 2nd at the IFSA Junior Nationals

2018 is set to be even more groundbreaking as we continue to improve all aspects of the team and SMSEF. Here are the highlights for what our goals are as a team for the next year and beyond:

Big Goals:

  • Continue to develop the most technically sound skiers in the nation
  • Do the above with the Maverick Master List of Skills
  • Continue to increase the number of athletes we have qualifying for Championship events
  • Have 100% of coaches USSA Level 100 Certified
  • Increase the number of USSA Level 200 coaches on the team by 200%
  • Continue to expand the ski-racing heritage in Utah Valley and tell the story of our team to a wider audience
  • Build a strong community of skiers and ski racers in Utah Valley. Alumni will look back on their time on the team and be thankful and proud of the lessons they learned.

Long-Term Goals:

·      Offer our athletes a practical yet powerful education component to allow for maximum training and learning opportunities

·      Dedicated training hill at Sundance

·      Training Center in Provo

·      Additional Vans to make carpooling and transportation easier more convenient for families.

·      Athletes competing at NCAA D1, NORAM’s, Europa Cup, and World Cup events

Behind-the-Scene Goals:

·      Continue to develop the team communication app (less emails!!)

·      Streamline the registration process

·      Develop SMSEF website to be a powerful resource for parents, athletes and fundraising

·      Raise over $100,000 from fundraising efforts in 2018.

That’s pretty exciting! Just writing this makes me all giddy. I can’t sit still long enough to finish it. There is so much potential for this team and all involved. It’s a very exciting time to be part of the Sundance Ski Team.

There are a lot of major, and minor, steps to take to make these goals happen. Luckily, we’ve got a lot of smart people on board to develop a plan to dominate these goals… and mostly to help me stick to it and control my A.D.D.

Our athletes are continually writing and adjusting their goals in athletics. We emphasize focusing only on what they can absolutely control 100%. As soon as the main focus becomes something like, “Win a race” then it places too many unknown variables into the equation and sets the athlete up for failure.

In order for goals to be successful, they need to be broken down into manageable, controllable steps where the goal setter can see constant, steady improvement. This gives them the confidence to know that they are in control and can create a plan and then can work the plan to accomplish anything they want.

Goal setting is easy. It’s exciting! There’s the initial rush of exhilaration as you imagine all these goals coming true and what it would feel like to be the king of the world. If you’re a better goal setter than 99% of everyone, and you created a simple plan to work towards your goals on a daily basis, then you’re on the right track to actually completing those goals instead of just having another goal setting session because you failed to complete your previous ones.

The key word there is “simple”.

Be excited about your goals! But keep in mind that that excitement and motivation will wear off as the hard work sets in. If the daily tasks are too complex or involve making a major change to your schedule, it’s not going to stick. Small, simple tasks are the key to developing lasting habits.

Keep your goals and plan easily accessible, but don’t plaster it everywhere. Shiny objects quickly loose their shine when they are everywhere. I recommend a 3x5 card that contains your goals on it in your ski jacket, or a journal that you write in daily that has your goals on the front inside cover (Success Journal anyone?).

Have something that tracks and shows your progress. This is critical. I like to use a spreadsheet that acts like a calendar marking off the days I’ve completed some task towards my goals. I put a big red ‘X’ on each day I do so. It’s kind of like counting down to Christmas, but instead, I’ve got a big long trail of red X’s signifying my hard work and progress. I’m very proud of those red X’s. When I complete the goal, it’s like Christmas! Seems better than a pair of underwear to me.

These are just a few very simple steps to ensuring that your goals as an athlete actually happen. It’s easy to set the goals, harder to build the plan, and even harder still to follow the plan daily. But the payoff to following these simple steps can mean the difference of winning the race or crashing out.

We are here to provide the support you need to build your plan and help you follow through with it. It’s up to you to dream BIG!

Here’s to a BIG 2018!

Coach Tyson