Race Team Equipment Guide

Sundance Ski Team - Equipment Seminar


Basics - Head to Snow

1) Helmets - Race Specific Helmet is required for both training and racing. No exceptions.  U14 and older must have a FIS Sticker on their helmets.

2) Goggles - Good pair of goggles go a long way.

3) Jacket and layers - Come dressed to the conditions. No cotton.

4) Pants - Full Zip Off pants are strongly suggested

5) Race Suit - Strongly suggested but not mandatory. We have a custom team suit that everyone wants.

6) Thin pair of socks - never double layer or cotton


7) Boots - Most important piece of equipment, do not skimp, ‘grow in to’, or rent. Must fit this criteria: Correct fit (they will be ‘tight’), not too stiff, not worn out (look at toes and heels and liner).

Sizing - See demonstrations + for adult boots check width of toe box. Race boots and high-end free skiing boots will be a 93-98mm last (or forefoot width)

Style - Doesn’t really matter as long as it fits the above criteria. • The only people allowed to fit your athletes boots are your coach and a professional boot fitter.

If you need any boot fitting, custom liners, orthotics, etc. head to Nyman’s Ski Shop.


8) Bindings - must hold boot onto ski properly. Must not be built in 1982

9) Skis - Most important thing about skis? Must be tuned and waxed WEEKLY.

•    Type - Slalom - Shorter, more parabolic (or shape),

•    Giant Slalom - slightly longer, less turn shape (longer radius of turns) Highly suggested

•    Multi Event or Comp Ski - A Mixture of GS and Slalom ski. Great for U8 and U10

•    Park Ski - A “narrow” or mid-fat ski with twin tips. Designed for jumps, rails, and skiing backward (yes, we teach you how to ski switch)

Fat Ski - A ski that is fat under the foot. Designed to ski powder and crud. Usually twin tip to land better off of jumps and ski switch. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL TEAM MEMBERS in addition to a race ski. Check out our team sponsor Sammis Ski Shop for great deals.

•    Super G - Much longer radius of turns and length

•    Downhill - Basically straight skis designed to go 60 mph+ and cause extreme fun.

Why? A pair of slalom and GS skis are highly encouraged for U12’s and mandatory for U14+. The Sundance Ski Team tuition is designed to be relatively cheaper so that athletes can save money to get the required equipment and have more opportunities to learn and progress. Fat skis are also crucial to this as well since we spend the majority of our time free skiing powder, crud, moguls, trees, etc. This teaches the athletes all of the fundamentals required for racing, plus it’s way more fun than just drill after drill and course after course. As we continue to grow, this is going to be extremely important to meet our philosophy of creating strong skiers first, racers second, and competitor’s of all. Race Vs. Recreational - Get the race ski. Don’t get a ‘Recreational Carver’.

No rentals. Please.


So… what should my athlete get?


This is dependent on each athlete, but here are our suggestions:

These will apply to Mavericks as well.

Sizes will vary; consult with your coach for which size to get.

Not everyone will need the “All in Packages” those are there for those that do.

Used is often a GREAT way to go for park and fat skis, not always for race skis, but sometimes you can get lucky.


All in Package:




·      Comp Ski (both GS and SL)

·      Mid-Fat ski for park and powder. Like the Faction CT 1.0 JR (aggressive) or Faction Idiom Jr.

·      Perfectly fit boot with the right flex and custom insoles

·      Slalom poles (straight, not bent)

·      Team Speed suit and Jacket and Pants

·      Tuning Kit – Tyson will send more info.





·      Slalom Ski

·      GS Ski

·      Mid fat ski, like the Faction CT 3.0 JR.

·      Perfectly fit boot with the right flex and custom insoles

·      Slalom and GS poles

·      Pole guards and shin guards for slalom

·      Team Speed suit and Jacket and Pants

·      Tuning Kit – Tyson will send more info



 ·      Slalom Race Ski

·      Slalom Trainer Ski

·      GS Race Ski

·      GS Trainer Ski

·      Super G Ski (can be a longer GS ski, like a U16 GS ski)

·      U16 and older will need DH skis. Tyson has several rental pair that are FAST!

·      Park Ski, like the Faction CT 1.0 or 2.0, or Prodigy 1.0 or 2.0

·      Fat ski, like the Faction CT 3.0 or Dictator (aggressive)

·      Perfectly fit boot with the right flex and custom insoles

·      Slalom and GS poles

·      Pole guards and shin guards for slalom

·      Team Speed suit, Jacket and Pants

·      Tuning Kit Pro – Tyson will send more info


Test Drive Package: 



·      Comp Race Ski

·      Perfectly fit boot with the right flex and custom insoles

·      Any type of poles

·      Team Jacket

·      Tuning Kit – Basic




·      Slalom Ski* (a bit longer so they can have it for the next season as a dedicated slalom ski)

·      Fat Skis – Go to Sammi’s Ski Shop

·      Perfectly fit boot with the right flex and custom insoles

·      GS and Slalom Poles

·      Slalom Pole and Shin Guards

·      Team Jacket

·      Tuning Kit – Basic


*If only one race ski is the option, then get a longer slalom ski (about forehead height, so they can use it as a GS and Sl ski this year, then next year get a GS ski, so then they’ll have both.  Or buy the SL ski new, and get a used pair of GS skis the same year if possible.




·      Slalom Ski*

·      GS Ski*

·      If competing in U14 Qualifier races, then a pair of Super G’s or a rental from Tyson.

·      U16’s will need Super G as well or longer GS skis if not yet competing at U16 Qualifiers.

·      Fat Skis or Park Skis

·      GS and Slalom Poles

·      Slalom Pole and Shin Guards

·      Team Jacket

·      Tuning Kit – Basic


*These can be used if picked up in good condition. Send pictures of used skis to Tyson if you’re unsure. A good way to check a used ski is to put them together, bases flat, and see if they have any camber to them. If the entire bases of each ski are touching each other, they are a dead ski and will feel like a limp noodle. Scratches and dings in the bases can be fixed. Also check how much edge is left. Compare it to the base edge side of a new ski to see how much they’ve tuned it.


What Brand?

This is all preference and really doesn’t make a huge difference unless your athlete has a unique style of skiing at U14 and up that suits a certain brand better.

Nordica race skis are Coach Tyson’s preference for junior skiers as they tend to last longer, are super fast, and are more aggressive (stiffer tip) which makes the athletes work a little harder.

Once they hit the U16 level, finding a brand that works best for their skiing and sticking to it is important. Having the same brand for Slalom and GS is also important so they don’t have to adjust anything.

However, how the ski is tuned will have the greatest effect on how it skis. Come to our tuning seminars to learn how to get them just right for you.


Boot Brands

This would take another 10 pages to explain, at least. Each brand will have a different fit and many lines to choose from. The best suggestion is to try on as many as possible until the perfect one is found (with your coaches help). If you’ve never worn a race boot before, they will be uncomfortable at first. That’s normal. If fit properly, they’ll work just peachy after a day or two of wearing them around the house.

Each year in September we’ll have an Equipment Night where all athletes can come try on boots from various manufacturers and get fit properly by their coach or a professional that understands the unique needs of a ski racer.

 You can also purchase all other gear needed for the year here.

Stay tuned for more info on our Ski Swap as well.



Vocab -

•    Flex - Company rating how stiff the boot is, the higher the number, the stiffer the boot. Do not bet a boot with a flex rating higher than your weight for juniors. A stiff boot will hinder your athletes performance.

•    Mondo - How boots are sized - 22, 23, 24.5 etc.

•    Boot Fitting - Going to a professional and getting the correct size and any adjustments.

•    Orthotic - Custom foot bed. Range from $45 - $200. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL SKIERS.

•    Last - Forefoot width

•    Shell Fit - taking the liner out to determine correct boot size.

•    Ankle Bender - Crappy pair of boots

•    Cutting - Your coach or professional boot fitter cutting plastic off the boot to make it softer. Very common.

•    Hot Spots - Anything that causes pain or heat on the foot.

•    Sole - Part of the boot that attached into the binding. Should not be worn down and still have square edges as opposed to rounded.