We are excited to announce a video contest for all athletes/parents on the Ski Team!

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The grand prize for this contest is a $1000 scholarship for the 2018/2019 ski season.  The goal is to generate as much content surrounding what it means to be a Higher Level Human.  This content will be used in the years to come to help Sundance Resort, donors, and future Higher Level Humans understand what it means to be part of the Sundance Mountain Sports Education Foundation.

The video is due February 28th and the winner will be announced at the Gala on the Mountain on March 27th.  Contest details are below.    

We are looking for as much participation and creatively as you all have to offer. Let the cinematography begin!!


SMSEF Video Contest

The idea of the video contest is to create a database of athlete/parent generated content that we can use for various marketing and fundraising campaigns. Athletes will submit a short video that they create that either explains or demonstrates what it means to be a Higher Level Human on the Sundance Ski Team or how they’ve learned to become a Higher Level Human by their time on the team.
We want to be able to use these videos when marketing the team and SMSEF to potential donors to show them what makes The Sundance Ski Team different and more than just another youth sports team. There are so many powerful stories from athletes and parents about their experience on the team and why they put so much into it. We need to tell these stories not only to increase our fundraising, but also to keep building the awareness of the type of team we are and expand on it.  All submitted content will be licensed to SMSEF and Sundance Resort for their use. 

Video Details: 
We want the athlete to capture what it means to them be working towards being the best skier they possibly can, while also learning what it takes to be a Higher Level Human.
What does it mean to be a Higher Level Human?
What life lessons have they learned?
What skills outside of skiing have they learned?
Why is it important to pursue excellence in everything they do?
Why do they like skiing?
Why do they like their coaches and teammates?
They can get as basic or as fancy as they want with the video editing. They can use footage of them skiing with their voice over the skiing. They can show them working to earn money for skiing or their various entrepreneurial ventures. They could do the video with their teammate(s) to show their friendship and energy. They could do it interview style with them talking in front of the camera. Whatever shows their personality and clearly explains what they think a Higher Level Human can and should be.

  • Video must not be longer than 3:00 minutes
  • Shot in HD (1080p or higher, 60fps or higher)
  • Tripod or stabilizer highly recommended.
  • Photos can be edited in as needed
  • During any shots of an ‘interview’ style clip, use a plain background that’s well lit, or outside in natural lite with the camera facing away from the sun. 

Contest Details:

  • Video Contest winner will receive a $1000 scholarship from SMSEF for the 2018/2019 season.
  • 1st and 2nd runner-ups receive a $250 scholarship from SMSEF for the 2018/2019 season.
  • Videos are due by February 28th
  • Submit HD version of video to info@smsef.org
  • Winners will be announced at the Gala on the Mountain and their videos will be featured at the event. 

Winning Video Criteria:

  • High quality, clear, and stable
  • Under 3:00 minutes
  • Submitted before the deadline
  • Creativity, personality, and effort will all be assessed to determine winner
  • Does it show the athlete’s passion, hard work, dedication, and exemplary attitude?
  • Does it show what it means to be a Higher Level Human on the Sundance Ski Team?
  • Although not required, athlete’s independence in creating their video from sketch to final draft will go along way, especially if the athlete learned new skills in order to complete their project.