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May 10th and 11th

The Outlaw Bike Team is excited to offer a 2 day clinic for NICA riders interested in improving their technical descending skills and cornering skills. Participants can expect a greater understanding of DH riding mechanics and cornering techniques, as well as drills to increase skills and ingrain proper habits.

We will get lots of riding as well!

The funds raised from this clinic will help provide scholarships for our athletes traveling and competing across the globe!

What’s in it?
Day 1 at Timpanogos Bike Park and Day 2 at Trailside Bike Park
DH and Technical Descent skill focus 
Video analysis

Greater understanding of proper bike setup, body position for descending and jumping, how to choose your lines, and drills to ingrain proper riding habits.

Preliminary Schedule:

Day 1 - May 10th

4pm: meet at Timpanogos Bike Park in Provo Canyon.

4-5pm: Bike check, bike setup, and intro to body position while riding

5-6pm: Cornering, flat and bermed corners at high speeds

6-7pm: Front wheel manual, hops, and pumping

7-8pm: Putting it all together on the pump track

Day 2 - May 11th

8am - Meet at Trailside Bike Park in Park City

8:30 - 10: Pumptrack warmup

10 - 11: Descending rock gardens and drops

11-11:45: Lunch

12 - 2 Riding and putting it all together

2:30 - End and Recap of the clinic

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