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The philosophy of the Sundance Ski Team is to promote a love for the sport of skiing and outdoor activities, improve technical skiing skills and provide a competitive experience for those who choose to compete. We will provide a ski program for all athletes to experience, learn and enjoy skiing in all of its forms.

Setting and achieving attainable goals within or outside of skiing is important. We plan to help our athletes realize their own dreams, to encourage them to set high goals for themselves and to develop the self-confidence, skills and determination to achieve those dreams

We feel that every individual on this team will contribute something valuable in the process of achieving our goals. Parents, athletes and coaches will create an amazing program in which anyone and everyone will enjoy the experience and rush of ski racing. The benefit of this experience relies heavily on what is put into it.

No matter your goal, we are prepared to help you reach it. Elite level racers, big mountain skiers and park skiers have all benefited from the experience on the Sundance Ski Team. Fast progress, creative coaches, and competitive athletes will fuel your desire to get better. Racing is the best way to get better and faster. Our simple formula – freeskiing, powder, jumps and creative challenges mixed with a phenomenal training hill – equals an experience not found elsewhere.

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